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They grabbed their broomsticks, sharpened their fangs, carved their pumpkins, and channelled all of their spookiest energy to submit their creepy creations to part three of our Halloween celebration zine!

Inside you will find illustration, poetry, essays, collage, short stories, artwork, photography, tricks and treats!

We hope you enjoy bobbing for appleartworks and try not to get too much candy stuck in your teeth as you dive into this frightful zine!

In celebration of our namesake, we have created Part 2 of our Dresden Dolls fanzine!

Katie & Chloe met through the Shadowbox, and as a nod to our Punk-Cabaret friendship we named our zine-making shenanigans Coin-Operated Press.

In this zine, our fantastic collaborators have shared their Dresden Dolls fan-art, graffiti stencilling, archival magazine interviews , concert photography, fan-fiction, and much more!

Inside you will find 24 members of the Dirty Business Brigade sharing their love with you.

Coin-Operated Press is celebrating the festival season with a zine about all things music!

Tune your pianos, sift through your sheet music, grab those guitar picks, and settle in to enjoy the work of 38 contributors in our Music zine.

Inside you will find band interviews, teenage musical reflections, Daft Punk doodles, playlist recommendations, accidental concert selfies, Woodstock comic-strips, James Brown poetry, mixtapes, misheard lyrics, and more!!

I can haz Coin-Operated Press zine about cats? Yes. Yes, you can haz.

This has been our most highly requested zine and we are so excited to be able to share all of these fantastic felines with you!

Inside this zine you will find 44 purrfect contributors sharing their cat tales, kitten adventures, big-cat poetry, kitty illustrations, witches’ familiars, making biscuits comic strips, and so many more fluffy wonders!

So, find a cat to sit on your lap, pop the kettle on, and enjoy diving into this zine full of feline fun!

This zine is a Pride march in print!

Throughout June 2022, we hosted a bunch of Pride banner-making workshops, and inside these pages you can see all the beautiful banners that our participants made. There is also an illustrated brief history of Pride, an ode to Trainspotting, queer collages, Pride banner illustrations, stories of past Pride marches, and so much more!

Happy Pride!

Coin-Operated Press asked you to roll for initiative – and you rolled all natural 20s to fill this zine with a fantastic array of DnD inspired art and writing!

Roll up your character sheet, grab your dice bag, and bring your chaotic goblin energy, ready to enjoy 40 adventurous contributors.

In this zine you will unearth lots of character art, tips and tricks on how to play DnD, homebrew items and classes to use in your games! There are monstrous illustrations, an ode to a DM, anxious player poetry, NPC back-stories, and so much more!

In this zine, Coin-Operated Press called 32 artists to action to positively panic with us in response to the climate crisis.

Unfurl your protest banners and let us march for the future of our planet together in this zine!

Contained within our recycled pages you will find global warming collages, illustrated animal fact-files, eco-feminist watercolours, a love letter to the Earth, biomass poetry, pangolin drawings, eco-political comic-strips, and so many more environmentally conscious wonders!

This Annual is a celebration of everything we have achieved in our second year and showcases a selection of our favourite submissions from all the zines we have made so far!

Thank you all so much for making the second year of Coin-Operated Press truly magical!

I’m blown away by how far we have come in the past 2 years. If you have been to any of our workshops, or spoken to us at a zine fair or art market, you will know the story well: how we launched one month before the world went into lockdown, and how tremendously grateful we are to be able to do all of this in person now. It really is amazing that we can be in real spaces and make art together.

In this zine, Coin-Operated Press has given space to chronically iconic zinesters, who all share their stories of living with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Rest your weary body, unpack your favourite stim tool, take your meds, and settle in to enjoy the work of 31 contributors.

Inside this zine you will find notes on the spoon theory, a muscular dystrophy photo-essay, medical case-note files black-out poetry, bed-sheet fashion, pencil studies in migraines, a recipe for running with asthma, diagnosis comics, anxiety poetry, and so much more!

Coin-Operated Press is celebrating sex positivity!

43 contributors slipped into something sexy and shared their deepest desires with us in this zine.

Inside you will find: sapphic tarot lovers, an essay on consent, phallic mushrooms, bondage photography, comic-strip shower seductions, queer sexuality pride, embroidered hanky codes, and so much more!


At Coin-Operated Press, we have a coping mechanism for working on our mental health: Depression Walks! We make sure we step outside once a day. We give ourselves the task of taking a photo on our tiny outdoor adventure! It’s a small step, but just getting dressed to go outside and breathe fresh air is enough to give us the clarity we need to continue on with our day.

With this in mind, we asked contributors to this zine to join us in a Depression Walk, and 49 wonderful folks submitted art and writing to this zine about mental health.

Is it a bird?! Is it a plane?!
It’s the Coin-Operated Press Nerd Zine – hot off the press!

Dust off your cosplay, put on your one ring, find the droids you’ve been looking for, stop your variant from destroying the world, secure your glass slipper, pack your rock salt and holy water, roll for initiative, may the odds be ever in your favour, not you Guillermo… this zine is bigger on the inside where you will find 25 artists getting nerdy!

UNAPOLOGETIC FEMINISM is a collaborative zine between Coin-Operated Press and Artificial Womb.

In this zine, we centre the voices of intersectional feminists: people of colour, immigrants, working-class, and transgender and non-binary people.

We loved partnering with Artificial Womb, who have always kept intersectional feminism at the forefront of what they do, and we are thrilled to share the finished product with you!

UNAPOLOGETIC FEMINISM showcases many different interpretations of intersectional feminism, through art, poetry, photography, and writing.

Hallozine 002 features 41 fangtastic artists and their most spooktacular work!

Inside you will find illustration, poetry, essays, collage, short-stories, artwork, photography, and many more tricks and treats!

We hope you enjoy sinking your teeth into this howlingly terrific zine.

Katie and Chloe both met through the original Shadowbox and as a nod to our punk-cabaret friendship roots we named our zine shenanigans Coin-Operated Press. So in celebration of our namesake, we have created this zine about our love for The Dresden Dolls!

In this zine, our fantastic collaborators have shared their Dresden Dolls fan-art, gig memories, poetry, concert photography, essays on why our faves are sometimes problematic, why the Dolls mean so much to us…

Inside you will find 19 members of the Dirty Business Brigade sharing the Dresden Dolls love with you!

A Zine About Zines is a celebration of International Zine Month 2021!

We LOVE zines and we’re pretty sure you like them too! We asked our contributors to tell us all about their love for zines! How did they get started in zine-making? What do zines mean to them? How do they make their zines? They told us all about the history of zines! And shared excerpts of their zines with us! Who do they admire in the zine community? How did they discover zines? Why do they make zines? They told us all about their zine experiences!

Inside you will find 11 zinesters celebrating the wonderful world of zines together!

A Pride of Lines is a celebration of Pride Month 2021.

We invited artists to grab their pens, laptops, typewriters, or ink and quill to get writing their best impression of Sappho; an ode to the alphabet people; a haiku about when they came out of the closet…this a heartfelt gift to our community!

Inside you will find 22 poets touched by the rainbow.

When the Coin-Operated Press team sat down to go through all of our previous zines we were so surprised to see just how much we have achieved as a company in our first year, especially considering we launched Coin-Operated Press at the beginning of a global pandemic! One year later we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, with over 1.32 billion vaccine doses administered worldwide! 53% of the UK has been fully vaccinated… but we are yet to receive our blue NHS envelopes inviting us to get our Covid jabs! When we do the world won’t know what hit it! Coin-Operated Press will be levelling up!!

This Annual is a celebration of everything we have achieved in our first year and showcases a selection of our favourite submissions from all the zines we have made so far!

Thank you all so much for making the first year of Coin-Operated Press truly magical.

Earth Zine is a celebration of Earth Day 2021. We invited artists to share their thoughts on the Climate Crisis, their tips for living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, which animals they will miss the most if they are driven to extinction, their Earth Day posters and artwork, how they practice sustainability within their art form, which energy sources they think will make the greatest difference, their predictions for the future of the Earth, and all of their thoughts on the wide world of environmentalism… and they responded magnificently!

Inside you will find 21 eco-friendly creators sharing their love for the beautiful planet we all share through illustration, photography, poetry, installation, and more!

Happy Earth Day and please re-use and recycle this zine once you are finished reading it!

Vacczine is the perfect companion piece to Coin-Operated Press’s first-ever collaborative zine, Quaranzine!

This edition celebrates our scientists and medical professionals who are working tirelessly to fight the COVID crisis. Our collaborators responded with their thoughts on the vaccine, social distancing, lockdown, how they have been affected, and what they are looking forward to most once we start to return to normal!

There are 17 incredible artists within the pages of this zine. It is filled with artwork, poetry, photography, short stories, essays, and so much more for you to enjoy!

We’re all loved up!

This zine celebrates all forms of love that humans can express: romance, friendships, family, pets…and everything in between! Relationships features art, photography, poetry, and prose, from 25 wonderful artists.

Why celebrate Scottish poets one day a year, when you can celebrate them all month long, and beyond?!

That was our thought when we put together this poetry collection.

Scottish poetry is often thought of as bleak and gloomy, but the poetry in Keep Yer Heid is warm and witty – and very funny!

Featuring 25 poets, and some wonderful original art, themes include lockdown, festivals, romance, death and justice, music, and Scottish history. You’ll find writing in traditional Scots, as well as more contemporary works.

As the cold winter nights drew in, Coin-Operated Press showcased our fellow zine-makers just in time for the Hollyday season! Zines make fantastic festive gifts! So, we encouraged visitors to our fair to get their cosy slippers on and browse all of our awesome zinesters at their [virtual] tables from the comfort of our guest’s own homes!

Flick through this zine, and you will be able to take a peek at the talented artists that were selling their wares at the first ever Coin-Operated Press zine fair!

We would like to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful zinesters who tabled at our fair, you guys were amazing, and this event would not have happened without you! Thank you so much!!

Spooky scary skeletons called our contributors forth to submit their hair-raising work to our very first Coin-Operated Press Hallozine!

Grab your broomstick, sharpen your fangs, carve your pumpkins, and channel all of your ghostly energy to enjoy the creepy creations in our Halloween zine! In this zine you will find poetry, illustrations, recipes, short stories, photography, and all the other spooktacular work our amazing artists came up with!

Pop the cauldron on and settle in with your witches’ brew as you flick through this grimoire of terror…

We were so sad to learn that the Edinburgh Festivals were cancelled this year, along with so many other amazing festivals throughout the world. This was a massive blow to the arts community, and we felt that it was important to celebrate our love for festivals, music, and the performing arts. We wanted to lift up the voices of the artists, writers, performers, and crew who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This zine contains pieces by 15 incredible folks. Inside you will find a wide variety of artwork, photography, essays, short stories, and more!

Thank you so much to everybody who contributed.

The Troll Flayers zine introduces you to the world of Dungeons & Dragons through the eyes of three new players, and one fantastic Dungeon Master!

Let me introduce you to The Trollflayers… I mean, we only actually flayed a troll one time, and mostly because Jhaan wanted to eat it, but the name kind of stuck. Katie’s partner Aeryn is an experienced Dungeons & Dragons player, and she was wonderful enough to offer to DM for us on our very first adventure together into this fantastic game.

This zine is a documentation of the first few steps we have taken on our journey, as we share with you our story so far, you will get to meet our characters, and we have written a few words about how we are finding the game so far.

Read the story of the adventure so far, featuring delightful artwork, short stories, and personal essays.

Happy playing, and may the dice be ever in your favour!

Coin-Operated Press’s first-ever collaborative zine!

This edition is all about the COVID-19 crisis, and our current Lockdown situation. Our collaborators responded with their thoughts on the crisis, social distancing, how they have been affected, what they are looking forward to once we start to return to normal, their future predictions, and more!

There are 28 fantastic artists in total within the pages of this zine, with a wide variety of artwork, poetry, photography, short stories, essays, and so much more for you to enjoy!

The whole process of making our first-ever collaborative zine was so exciting, and we would like to thank every single person who submitted to our zine, you make it amazing!