An Interview with MikaMakesZines

Check out MikaMakesZines at our 1st Birthday Zine Fair by clicking this link now!! “Mika is an academic & zine maker. He has made some perzines about his various interests such as DIY culture, relationships, inclusive rugby, cycling and eclectic musical tastes. Recently he threw caution in the wind and started writing poetry. His texts […]

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An Interview with Echo Zines

Check out Echo Zines at our 1st Birthday Zine Fair by clicking this link now!! “Echo Zines makes zines about queer-anarcha-feminism, self-care, fandom, playing music, DIY culture, travelling, body hair, witchy herbs, and more. Echo’s zines come in all sizes, try to keep the prices low and are open to swaps. For me, zines are […]

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An Interview with AberZines

Check out AberZines at our 1st Birthday Zine Fair by clicking this link now!! “AberZines is a new community zine project starting up in Aberdeen, Scotland. We take submissions from the public and the zines feature a range of topics important to the local community. The project was set up to target loneliness and isolation […]

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2020 – 2021 Annual

When the Coin-Operated Press team sat down to go through all of our previous zines we were so surprised to see just how much we have achieved as a company in our first year, especially considering we launched Coin-Operated Press at the beginning of a global pandemic! One year later we are beginning to see […]

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April 2021 Updates

A few words from Katie… I am always so thankful for our blog and Youtube videos – they are a wonderful archive of all of our adventures! And April was full of them – it was an absolute whirlwind!  Coin-Operated Press were part of Glasgow Zine Library’s Zine Fest, which was amazing. I was proud […]

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Unapologetic Feminism in collaboration with Artificial Womb

Applications are now open for the Coin-Operated Press and Artificial Womb UNAPOLOGETIC FEMINISM zine collaboration! We are super excited to create this together! This Unapologetic Feminism zine will be all about all forms and manifestations of feminism, and how feminism can be the basis of protest and revolution, but also the basis of collective care. […]

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SHOP: Relationships Zine

The Relationships Zine is here!!! We’re all loved up! This zine celebrates all forms of love that humans can express: romance, friendships, family, pets…and everything in between! Relationships features art, photography, poetry, and prose, from 25 wonderful artists. Our beautiful Relationships zine is printed in brilliant full-colour on matte high-quality 170gsm recycled paper, and bound […]

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VLOG: January 2021

A few January words from Chloe… January is one of my favourite months… I mean, I hate the cold! but it is a fresh start. All of that motivation, and re-birth energy is so conducive to creative brains. In my own world of art I have been re-shaping my business to suit who I am […]

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