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Printed Zine Price: £4.00+P&P £1.50UK or £3.50International Coin-Operated Press’s first ever collaborative zine is out now! This edition is all about the COVID-19 crisis, and our current Lockdown situation. Our collaborators responded with their thoughts on the crisis, social distancing, how they have been affected, what they are looking forward to once we start to […]

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Q&A with the Coin-Operated Press Founders + A Day in the Life of Two Zine-Makers Vlog

You asked! We answered! We hope you enjoy this little Q&A session with the two founders of Coin-Operated Press: Chloe Henderson, and Katie Mayes!! and we hope you enjoy seeing a little sneak peek into the behind the scenes of our daily lives! Thank you for watching and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button […]

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SHOP: Has Issues Zine by Chloe Henderson

Printed Zine Price: £3+P&P £1.50UK or £3.50International Has Issues is a cut and paste zine, created purely from terrible “women’s interest” magazines. Inside you will find collaged artwork, and poetry constructed from the content’s of the trashy magazine pages. This edition focuses on how much Chloe hates the beauty industry. Head over to the shop […]

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How To: Fold a Mini-Zine

In this tutorial, Chloe will take you through the step-by-step process of making a mini-zine from a single sheet of paper. Mini-zines are a staple in all zine-maker’s repertoires, and they make for a great introduction for those just starting out in the world of zines. This is a beginner’s level tutorial, and you will […]

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A Brief History of Zines

Zines as we commonly conceive them, have been around since 1776 when Thomas Paine self-published ‘Common Sense’ to promote ideas that contributed to the United States War for Independence. However, it could be said that zines existed – in a loose form – much earlier than that. They can arguably be traced back to when […]

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