Reviews & Testimonials

“I was so grateful for the stickers and note…Thank you for featuring me, feel all professional xx”
@kingofthedomain (2021 Instagram)

“Just wanted to pop in an say, all the packages arrived and I couldn’t be more thankful. From the bottom of my heart, these zines are so cute! The care and effort in them even shows through the packaging. Huge thanks.”
@de_ziners (2021 Instagram)

“The Coin-Operated Press’ “Festivals” anthology has arrived safely – thank you. I’m delighted to have the poem “Back To Grey On The Box” as created by my alter ego Alun Robert included in this quite splendid publication. I was impressed by the wide range and high quality of the contributions. Well done all. Included in my envelope was “How To Get The Most Out Of Art School”. Chloe has created an excellent booklet crammed full of common sense and solid advice. I hope it receives much wider readership. As an ex-pat of many years, I’m so encouraged (and proud) to witness my Motherland producing such a talented array of creative visual and written artists these days. Keep it up.”
Alun Roberts (2020)

Just some of the lovely things our beautiful zine community has said about us.
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