Call for Submissions

Coin-Operated Press is celebrating The Dresden Dolls in part two of this FanZine series!!

Katie and Chloe both met through the Shadowbox and as a nod to our punk cabaret friendship we named our zine shenanigans Coin-Operated Press. In this zine, we want you to share with us your Dresden Dolls fan-art, your gig memories, your anachronisms, your music notes, your ode to the Dolls poetry, your Brian Viglione fanfiction, your cosplays, your night reconnaissance comic-strips, your concert photography, your Amanda Palmer album reviews, your essays on why your faves are sometimes problematic, why the Dolls mean so much to you, your experiences of meeting Dresden Doll fans, your dirty business collages, or any other Dolls inspired work that you would like to create for our zine!

We are looking for: articles, illustrations, short stories, zine excerpts, photography, poetry, artwork of any medium, fanfiction, guides, posters, flyers, short essays, recipes, comic-strips, reviews, informationals, collages, and anything else you can put your imagination to.

The finished zine will be A5 in size and printed in full colour.

Send us your submissions by filling in this Google form.
Emailed submissions will not be accepted.

The deadline is midnight BST on Friday 26th August 2022.

For further information please visit our FAQs below.

If you have any questions please email us at


Q: What is a zine?
A: A zine is a booklet-style artwork that you make yourself, and give away, swap, or sell for the cost of printing.

Q: What can I submit?
We are looking for articles, illustrations, short stories, photography, poetry, artwork of any medium, short essays, comics, recipes, collage, and anything else that will fit into a zine! We are open to all styles and abilities, and we can offer help and advice where needed. Please see the callout above for more information on our current submission theme.

Q: How much work can I submit?
You can make multiple submissions (please submit all of your work in the one form as the file upload can contain multiple submissions), but please only submit work that will fit on 1-2 A4 pages. If you have work that is longer/larger than this, please send us an inquiry email, as we would like to be open to including longer formats.

Q: How do I submit?
Please fill in the form attached to the callout above. If your files are too large for the form, please use but please let us know in the form that you are sending files to us, and be sure to label them with the name you used in your submission.

Q: What do I need to send you?
Please send us the following details along with your submission:

  • The name/credit you would like printed in the zine.
  • Your pronouns.
  • The city and/or country that you live in.
  • Your contact details that you would like printed in the zine.
  • A short one-sentence bio.
  • Title of your work.
  • A short description of your work and how it fits with the theme.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know in your submission form. Pseudonyms are also welcome.

Q: What format will the zine be available in?
These zines are mainly available in print format. They will be printed as A5 zines in full colour, and the poetry zines are printed as A6 zines in full colour (unless otherwise stated in our callout). We also have the PDFs available to buy digitally in our online store.

Q: What do I get for submitting my work?
Your contributions are submitted to our zines on a voluntary basis. Coin-Operated Press is a platform for your voice to be heard and for your work to be published for the world to see! We distribute our zines online, and at in-person events, fairs, comic cons, festivals, etc. where your work will be on display for a large variety of different audiences. We also include our zines in distros, and different stockists, as well as cataloguing our zines in various library and museum collections to reach even wider audiences. Follow us @CoinOpPress to keep up to date with all the awesome things we get up to!

Q: Will I receive a copy of the zine?
Contributors will receive a complimentary digital PDF copy of the zine and a 20% off discount code for their copy of the printed zine.

Q: Do I retain ownership of my work if it appears in the zine?
Yes, you retain ownership of your work. You will be credited with your chosen name on the page with your work, and you will have a short biography, with any contact details you would like to share in our bio section.

Q: Do you accept previously submitted work?
Yes, we are happy to accept work that you have submitted to other publications previously, and we are happy for you to submit any work accepted by us to other publications and opportunities.

Q: How can I help get this zine out into the world?
Make sure to follow all of the Coin-Operated Press socials @CoinOpPress so you do not miss our updates, and share our posts about the zine with your friends, family, and audience. Every share counts! And we really appreciate your support.

Q: I have read the FAQ, but I still have questions?
Our inbox is always open, please email us at with your queries.

Please note: we will not accept work that is racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or features discrimination of any kind.