Books Beyond Bars

Hello folks! I hope you are keeping safe and finding some light and warmth as we head into the winter months. You may have noticed that we didn’t announce a call-out for our collaborative November zine yet. That’s because we’ve been quietly working away on a project in the background, that I’m really excited to […]

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Pride Month 2020

It is Pride Month! Coin-Operated Press feels that it is important to hold space for our black community, always and especially now. We are currently a white-owned and operated company, and we want to make sure we speak out about human rights issues while ensuring that we do not silence black voices.    HOW CAN […]

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A Brief History of Zines

Zines as we commonly conceive them, have been around since 1776 when Thomas Paine self-published ‘Common Sense’ to promote ideas that contributed to the United States War for Independence. However, it could be said that zines existed – in a loose form – much earlier than that. They can arguably be traced back to when […]

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