Zines for All: Breakdowns, Break-ups and Breakthroughs

Join Coin-Operated Press and Michael Gratzke for this special zine-making workshop, in which we will collectively address the themes of personal breakdowns, break-ups and breakthroughs in whatever ways they matter to you or your loved ones.

As a low-tech medium, the zine reaches across all social groups. All you need are some old magazines and newspapers (supplied by us!) – hence we’ll learn about the environmental benefits of re-making with everyday objects. This inclusive workshop will introduce participants to zine making as a tool for reflection and explore the ways in which to negotiate disclosure and the safe spaces provided by fictionalisation.

A selection of the zines we produce during the workshop will form a pop-up zine library to be showcased throughout the festival and on social media (with your permission).

Beyond this workshop, participants will take their new, mindful hobby into their own communities and families.

Topics will include LGBTQ+ and social issues.

Everyone is welcome!

Book your free spot now!

This event features in Dundee’s Breaking Books series for the international Being Human Festival of the Humanities. This event is part of the Being Human festival, the UK’s national festival of the humanities, taking place 10–19 November 2022. For further information please see www.beinghumanfestival.org

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