Grow Mushrooms! Make Zines!

Coin-Operated Press and Rhyze Mushrooms present this 5-hour workshop that combines learning how to grow your own mushrooms from home and documenting your cultivation journey through zine-making.

Rhyze Mushrooms will guide you through an introduction to mushroom cultivation. Not only will you learn everything that you need to know to begin growing mushrooms in your own home, you will also come away with all of the materials that you need to get started.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discuss why mushrooms are uniquely suited to urban cultivation and regenerative food system.
  • Learn about the life-cycle of mushrooms and understand the needs of mushrooms and mycelium.
  • Learn the basics of mushroom cultivation from spawn production to harvest.
  • Explore different substrates, containers and fruiting spaces you could create from household waste.
  • Inoculate your own cardboard spawn to take home.
  • Inoculate your own bucket with sawdust, coffee grounds and mushroom spawn.

All participants will take home their own spawn burritos, inoculated buckets, skooshers, and a detailed workshop booklet with everything that you need to know to care for your mushrooms at home and continue your mushroom cultivation journey.

In addition, we’ll spend a bit of time at the end giving everyone a short tour of our farm tour so you can get an idea of what a small-scale mushroom farm and lab look like.


Coin-Operated Press will guide you through the process of creating an 8-page mini-zine folded from a single sheet of paper.

You will learn about the basics of zine-making, as well as a short history of zines in DIY culture, and we will provide a wide array of different example zines for you to peruse and take inspiration from when creating your own journal-style zines.

We will demonstrate how to fold your zine before you dive into learning all about mushrooms, and we will provide you with plenty of drawing materials, so you can take notes, observations, and drawings during the mushroom cultivation workshop. You can then use these notes and drawings to form the basis of your zines, and we will have plenty of time at the end of the session to get creative and document everything you have learned in your zines.

We will provide all of the materials you will need to create your zine pages, but please feel free to bring some of your own collage materials from home – this may include: magazine pages, coloured paper, stickers, ribbons, washi tape, etc.

All experience levels are welcome.

If you have any access needs, please email us at

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