Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th of May was the Edinburgh Zine Festival, run by Edinburgh Zine Library. We were initially invited to be part of the Saturday shenanigans, but were delighted when we were asked to host a table on both days!

Loading up my suitcase with as many zines, badges, stickers, and plectrums as I could carry, I boarded the train from Dundee to Edinburgh with so much anticipation for the weekend ahead! This was the biggest zine event we had worked at to date – and we were full of hope and excitement that it would go well for us!! We absolutely love the team at Edinburgh Zine Library, and were jumping up and down with glee when we found out that they were putting on this zine fair!

The venue was smack bang in the centre of Edinburgh. The Fruitmarket Gallery Warehouse is situated on Market Street, right next to the train station and Edinburgh Dungeons. Such a prime spot for a bunch of DIY creatives!! I absolutely loved the venue – it was a huge space, with dimmed lighting. Rustic wood, brick, and steel beams holding the place together. A beautiful sensory experience. At first, I worried about the dim light (would people be able to see our lovely little zines?!) but then I figured I much preferred it to standing in bright fluorescent lighting all day!!

Once we set up, I went and got myself and Chloe some tea from the cafe in the Fruitmarket, and got chatting to the team from the gallery space – absolutely lovely folks – I can’t wait to check out the space when I’m not working. Having lived near Edinburgh for 5 years, I still haven’t ventured around the gallery space as a regular wandering person yet!

Before the crowds came, I took the chance to peruse my fellow zine-makers’ stalls. Chloe made these fantastic mini-zines, that were the perfect ice-breaker, and provided folks with all of the information they might need about Coin-Operated Press!

I met so many amazing zinesters that weekend. Door Ajar Comics is run by August and Levi. The company is based in Edinburgh and they make weird, queer comics with a sufficiently spooky vibe. 

We debuted our plectrum earrings at Edinburgh Zine Festival – and I think August absolutely rocks them!!

Georgie Mac is another person who I had a lot of time for that weekend. I absolutely loved their outfits and just had to go over for a chat. Georgie is a non-binary visual artist based in Glasgow. They make zines and illustrations, featuring ink drawings and Risograph printing. I fell in love with their Furby Art Zine, and we did a zine swap for one of our Keep Yer Heid Scottish poetry zines. I went back for a chat on Sunday and bought A New Kind of Astronaut which is a beautiful love letter to Steve Harrington of Stranger Things (HIS HAIR!!)

We debuted a bunch of new zines and merch this weekend. Chloe designed postcards, which feature some of our favourite art and ideas found within our zines. The Pride collections are some of my favourites, along with the Carrots at Open Mic Night! We also have loads of new badges and stickers. But most exciting of all is our plectrum earrings!! Chloe put her Jewellery Masters to work, and upcycled these from some of our Coin-Op Cog plectrums. They have Sterling Silver ear wires, and they’re super comfortable to wear all day long. She even collaged these beautiful art cards as backings for the earrings! Every art card differs, I bought this pair and wore them all weekend long!

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody who came along, chatted, and supported future Coin-Op endeavours by buying zines from us. And big love to our table-mates Riotwitch and Fiona Robertson!! 

Lea and Abbie, and all of the EZL crew, did such an amazing job putting this weekend together. I’m sure they need a bit of a break after all their hard work…but we can’t wait to do more events with them in the future!

Don’t forget to check out our Big Cartel for all the new goodies we just released!!

We have so many wonderful events coming up in Edinburgh and Dundee – see our events calendar for more info!



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