Creative Scotland Inclusion Fund!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Creative Scotland Inclusion fund for 2022.

During the pandemic, and beyond, it became clear that we needed to offer a comfortable space where people could come and hang out, make art, relax, and spend time in their community – and we are glad to be able to offer that with our Zine Clubs at Blunt Knife Co.

As a social enterprise we are especially interested in working with LGBT+ folks, and those with chronic-illnesses and disabilities (as we are part of those groups too!) and with this fund, we are looking forward to engaging with you more, as we hope to provide better accessibility at our events. We will be able to continue providing top-quality materials, education, and support, for participants to come along and make their very own zines with us!

Myself and Chloe are forever striving to provide accessible, inclusive, educational, and FUN workshops for all – regardless of background and ability.

If you’ve never made a zine before but you always wanted to give it a go – we can’t wait to meet you – WELCOME!


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