DISTRO: Poems for The Ride

Coin-Operated Press is super excited to kick off our zine distro by printing Poems for The Ride!

Poems for the Ride is a poetry anthology zine edited by Angel Rosen (@Axiopoeticus) and Joshua Pipkins (@PipkinsJoshua).

This anthology includes poems written by people within the Amanda Palmer Patreon Community and covers the topics of life, death, grief, joy and everything in between. It features poetry from over 100 community members and reminds us that even if we’re all going through something different, we’re never alone.

There is a poem out there for everyone.

Our shop listing is for a pre-ordered copy of Poems for The Ride. Pre-orders will end on Monday 11th of April 2022, with orders due to ship out approximately 1-2 weeks after this date.

Poems for The Ride is printed on a matte high-quality 170gsm recycled silk paper with a glossy full-colour cover and finished as an A5 144-page perfect-bound anthology.

Pre-order your copy now!

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