A Dresden Dolls Fanzine


🖤🖤🖤Our Dresden Dolls Fanzine is now up on the Coin-Op Shop 🖤🖤🖤

Katie and Chloe both met through the original Shadowbox and as a nod to our punk-cabaret friendship roots we named our zine shenanigans Coin-Operated Press. So in celebration of our namesake, we have created this zine about our love for The Dresden Dolls!

In this zine, our fantastic collaborators have shared their Dresden Dolls fan-art, gig memories, poetry, concert photography, essays on why our faves are sometimes problematic, why the Dolls mean so much to us…

We had so many wonderful contributors share their gig photography, poetry and essays – me and Chloe had a blast putting this zine together and taking a trip down memory lane!

Get your Dresden Dolls fanzine here.

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