An Interview with Canto Cutie Zine

Check out Canto Cutie Zine at our 1st Birthday Zine Fair by clicking this link now!!

“Canto Cutie is an art and literature zine curated by Cantonese-American artist Katherine Leung. It holds a space for those who identify as Cantonese to create and show their work. Canto Cutie contains work of artists and writers of the Cantonese diaspora to define what it means to be “Cantonese”. Canto Cutie is a zine that is inclusive of all narratives. Anyone who self-identifies as Cantonese, whether linguistically, culturally, or ancestrally, may submit work. The modern day Canto Cutie is inclusive of all gender and sexual identities, abilities, and transcends modern geopolitical boundaries.”

Katherine filmed her interview and you can watch it here…

You can check out Canto Cutie Zine by visiting them on their socials…

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