March 2021 Updates

A few words from Chloe…

March felt like a bit of a weird month. I hit an unpleasant realisation of just how messed up the last year has been! Stuart’s Birthday is in March, and last year we had managed to get away for the weekend to a hotel in Dunbar… and then a few days after we got back we were straight into the first Lockdown. This year, we are still in Lockdown. I still managed to treat Stuart to a picnic in an abandoned castle, with a pizza and movie night… but until this moment I don’t think I had quite realised before just how much of our lives this pandemic has eaten away. All the missed opportunities, and adventures. I can see the bigger picture, and I know I am comparatively lucky. I still yearn for the small things, and mourn the lost time. This thought very much had a knock-on effect, and my motivation was wayyy down low this month – making art is hard with depression.

Luckily, working for Coin-Operated Press is a huge motivator, and we made a bunch of awesome things happen this month! Starting with our very on-brand Vacczine! As of writing, there are still a few copies left in our store, so grab yours before they are all gone! This second part to our launching Quaranzine is another documentation of how our world has been affected by this crisis, and our fantastic contributors have responded so poignantly. 

This month also saw us launching our first ever zine collaboration! We are working with the wonderful Artificial Womb to create UNAPOLOGETIC FEMINISM – which is still open for submissions, so do check out the callout and submit your feminist work now!! I am a huge fan of Artificial Womb – they are the first zine I ever submitted my artwork to, and the only collection of zines that I have every single issue of – and I am so excited to be working with them on this zine. I really hope there are a lot more collaborations in Coin-Operated Press’ future!

I illustrated a lot of artwork for Coin-Operated Press this past month, including the creation of our Vacczine of course, and the callout artwork for UNAPOLOGETIC FEMINISM, as well as a poster to show off our Craft Clubs, and all of these designs have found their way onto stickers! I designed 11 different stickers for the Coin-Operated Shop, so pop on over and stick them all over your life!! You can also check out more of my artwork in my shop too!

We are also excitedly planning our first ever event, which is coming up really soon! Don’t forget to buy your tickets for Coin-Operated Press Presents: An Evening With… in aid of Food Not Bombs. It’s going to be a brilliant event, and we are excited already!

I hope our April is just as productive as March, and we hope you’ll stick around with us and see everything we get up to! Be sure to join our Zine Community on Discord, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, support us on Patreon if you like what we do, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok to keep up to date with everything going on in the world of Coin-Operated Press

Much love, stay safe out there folks, and get your vaccine!

A few words from Katie…

This month, I was so honoured and proud to be part of the discussion panel following the virtual performance of Conor A’s Learning to Swim on an Ironing Board. The play is a one-man show streamed from Conor’s living room; it is an intimate look into invisible chronic illness. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a year ago, and I really loved connecting with folks who live with the same condition as me – people who really get it! You can read my review about my experience talking on the panel here

I’m really glad there seems to finally be some light at the end of the tunnel of Pandemonium – we are really hoping to be able to get out into the real world and meet some of you lovely lot in person at some workshops and zine fairs in the not-too-distant future! But in the mean-time, we wanted to celebrate our NHS, medics, and scientists, who are working tirelessly to get us back to normal. Sharon Mchale is a GP who has been a wonderful supporter of Coin-Op since the beginning. She has had artwork and poetry featured in most of our zines, and she reached out and suggested we put together a ‘Vacczine’ as a cool part two to ‘Quaranzine’. I was so thrilled with that idea, and I’m really happy to say that Vacczine is up on the Coin-Op shop now! It even features some photography and history of Sharon’s great-grandad’s antique needles – and it’s wonderful to see how far we’ve come! As well as the Vacczine, we have ordered a second run of our Relationships zine, which sold out in about 2 days, as well as the Hallozine, which you all loved! We also have a THIRD batch of Quaranzines! Thank you all so much!! I did a massive post-office run this morning, and there are only a few Vacczine’s remaining, so If you want to grab yourself a copy…RUN!

Don’t forget to submit your artwork/poetry/photography/short stories…to our Unapologetic Feminism zine! We are so excited to be collabing with Artificial Womb, and we can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

And be sure to follow us on Discord and Patreon for fun chats, behind the scenes sneak-peeks, and craft clubs!!

See you soon, and much love always x

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