VLOG: February 2021

A few words from Katie…

Launching a niche arts company at the beginning of the pandemic last year….it has been an interesting time, for sure! I really really love and appreciate all of the support we get from our growing zine-family, though I’m kind of sad that the ‘rona meant so many missed opportunities. We were really looking forward to meeting you all in-person at our zine-fairs and workshops! BUT on the flip-side, that has meant that we have been able to build a beautiful online community and reach so many more people than we might have done before. We were so thrilled to be involved with Melbourne’s Festival of the Photocopier – our stall will be up online all year round! The accessibility offered by online events is actually really wonderful. I have a chronic illness and, while I absolutely adore going to gigs and poetry nights, sometimes that is difficult. So I was really excited that I could attend Hysteria’s zine launch this month. I was really honoured to have a poem accepted into their LGBT History Month zine, and the event was so lovely and cosy. Hysteria have built a really welcoming community – I’m really looking forward to going to in-person poetry nights soon!

We are also super excited to announce our first-ever virtual open-mic night! Coin-Operated Press Presents: An Evening With…will feature 20 amazing artists from all over the world (but mostly Scotland). There will be poetry, music and monologues galore! The event is in aid of Food Not Bombs Dundee. FNB takes positive action by taking food that would otherwise be wasted, cooking it, and giving it out in public to anybody who is hungry. I really hope to see a bunch of you there. Grab your tickets at Accessible or Standard prices here. We work to keep our ticket prices as low as we can, and offer an accessible ticket for folks who are low-income, unemployed, students, and/or disabled. You do not need to disclose the reason for purchasing an accessible ticket, but please just be honest with yourself about your financial situation – we would love to put on more events like this in the future, but can only do that with funding.

Don’t forget to join us on our Discord server for updates on zine call-outs, book-club chat, and the Coin-Op Craft Club! 

Stay tuned for more exciting stuff coming soon. Now that restrictions are hopefully lifting, we are really looking forward to making more art with you!! Until then, stay safe!

A few words from Chloe…

My birthday is on Valentine’s day! so, February, for me, is all about celebrations and trying to feel the love for myself. I always have mixed feelings about my birthday, on one hand I have made it on this planet another year, and that should be celebrated, but also, I’m older, and like… ugh. Looking back on this past year is much stranger than usual. I am currently editing together my seconds film for the year (I film a second of my life every single day and then edit them into a whole at the end of my year aka One Second Every Day) and watching them back I can see very clearly that the lockdown very much sucked a lot of the life out of my world. But… through the grim emerged some beautiful things, we started Coin-Operated Press, I started taking myself seriously as an artist, I moved into a house with Stuart, we got out into nature more often, we brought home a cat, and I tried to fill my life with as much art as possible. There was a lot to be proud of in my 27th year.

And, there is a lot to be proud of in the world of Coin-Operated Press this month!
We created our stunning Relationships Zine, and it completely sold out within a couple of days! Thank you so much to everyone who bought a copy, we were so humbled by all of your support, and don’t worry if you didn’t manage to snag a zine this time as we will be sending more to print soon!!
There are so many of you over on the Discord now as well, and I am really loving watching our zine community grow – ya’ll bring me so much joy! Follow this invite to become a part of our zine family now, and join in with our Craft Clubs!
This month we also zoomed to Australia to take part in the Digital Festival of the Photocopier, and you can check out our virtual zine table here!
Katie and I also had our work published alongside a bunch of awesome artists in Hysteria Aberdeen’s zine: Unsung, which was made to celebrate LGBT+ History Month. You can buy a copy of by emailing them at hysteriaabdn@gmail.com and the zine only costs £3!
Last, but not least, we launched tickets for our very first virtual open mic night event An Evening With… and I can’t wait for the 23rd of April already!! Sales of the tickets are in aid of Food Not Bombs Dundee, and we are so thrilled by the awesome response from you guys already. Visit this link to grab your ticket now!!

ALL of the exciting things! and so much more planned for next month! So, do hit that subscribe button and check out our socials to stay up to date with all of the wonderful things that we are working on.

Much love, and we will see you in our next post!

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