VLOG: January 2021

A few January words from Chloe…

January is one of my favourite months… I mean, I hate the cold! but it is a fresh start. All of that motivation, and re-birth energy is so conducive to creative brains. In my own world of art I have been re-shaping my business to suit who I am now as a growing artist, and hopefully one day we can make “being an artist” our actual jobs. In Coin-Op land we have had a really productive month, and are implementing all of the wonderful plans we have for this year!

We have launched another collaborative zine full of beautiful Scottish poetry – Keep Yer Heid is in stores now! – and created literary art together in an illustrated poetry reading performance, we have taken our Skype crafting sessions to new levels and are now hosting a Discord craft club – which I am super excited to see grow and grow – as well as building the beginnings of our zine community on Discord! It’s only January, but I can’t wait to keep this creative energy going throughout the whole of 2021.

The world is still a weird place at the moment, I’m not sure that is ever going to change… but at least we can hang out together and revolt through our art!

Do join us on this wild ride!

See you soon zine friends.

Much love.

A few January words from Katie…

What a year 2020 was! I’m not going to go on about it…we all know how rough it was, don’t we? Despite the trials and tribulations, I hope you all managed to have a relaxing holiday season – whatever new shape that took! I stayed in with my partner, watched all the corny Christmas movies, and ate lots of delicious food….so not that much different from previous years (except an obvious lack of people this time!) 

Anyway, we must march on! 2021 has already proved to be an interesting year – and we’re only one month in! On a grand world scale, we’ve had political shenanigans galore. Most importantly, Trump is out – I cried tears of joy for my American friends when I heard the news. And of course, COVID is still going strong – Scotland is still in lockdown, until who-knows-when. Hand sanitiser and face-masks are now the norm….and I’m ok with all of that as it’s keeping us safe. I cannot wait to get my vaccine – whenever that may be!! Science is amazing, and to be living in a time of such huge advances is amazing. I mean, I wouldn’t have wished for it to be quite like this (futuristic space travel is more my style….that’s what they told us when we were kids!) But yay for the scientists!

I am strangely optimistic for what this year could bring (I’m getting married!!) – and that extends to the work we are doing with Coin-Operated Press. It’s an odd thing, launching a company right as the world plunged into pandemic-land! But, thanks to all of your love and support, it seems to be working!! 

We’ve been busy bees this month! Behind the scenes, we’ve been doing a bunch of end-of-year admin and lots of meetings for the new year (budgets, plans, boring business stuff!) We also launched our Discord server – and had our very first Craft Club! It was wonderful to meet some of you on the video chat and lovely to have some company while we drank tea and work on our own arts and crafts. We hope to make this a regular thing and build a cool little zine community over there, so please do join us

We’re really looking forward to seeing where the Discord takes us – it’s a pretty new platform to both me and Chloe (we first started using it to play DnD online) – you might have to bear with us while we get to grips with it, but it seems like it’s going to be a cool little community hub!

The first zine call-out of the year was such a fun one. We celebrated Scottish poets and had so many amazing submissions. It was really hard to narrow it down, but in the end, we put together a collection of 25 poets, and I’m really proud of the end result. Chloe’s front cover illustration, of a magical unicorn skull, is so beautiful on a field of blue! You can purchase ‘Keep Yer Heid!’ in the Coin-Op Shop! There’s some wonderful original art inside. Poems include themes of lock-down, festivals, romance, death and justice, music, and Scottish history. This zine is printed in full-colour on matte high-quality 170gsm recycled paper and stapled to finish as an A6 36-page zine. Get your copy before they’re gone!

Other goodies coming your way this year: more zine fairs, more zine swaps, plenty of youtube videos…and lots of surprises that we don’t even know about yet! We’re really hoping we can come to you live and in-person at some point this year…but until then, keep your eye out on our socials for virtual shenanigans! 

Until then.

Keep safe out there.


One thought on “VLOG: January 2021

  1. Hey Coin Operated Press, I absolutely loved watching your behind-the-scenes vlog. I’ve been wondering how to set goals for my zine-related work and I thought your list of small milestones and achievements to mark off during the year was brilliant! I look forward to next month’s installment.
    Kim 🙂


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