An Interview with Regional By Sam

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“Sam has always been an “artist” but is a relatively new zinester based in Doylestown, PA. She recently opened a new Instagram account dedicated to her art (@RegionalBySam) and loves to exchange/share zines. Most of her work is inspired by her daily life, mental health issues, random doodles/poetry, and King Princess.”

Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sam (@RegionalBySam on Instagram), and I’m a relatively new zinester. I love to paint, and I work at an art museum. I spend copious amounts of time with my adorable dog named Dudley.

What do zines mean to you?

Zines are a way to release energy for me. I like to work out my feelings or explore my daily interactions through zine-making.

How did you first get started with zines?

I was introduced to zines when I took an art class last winter that focused on DIY art making and LOVED it.

How would you build the perfect snowman?

I would make my perfect snowman by first sculpting it. Then, I would intricately paint my own illustrations on it. It would be trippy.

Tell us about your zines.

I am most inspired by daily interactions I have/random internal thoughts for my zines. I like to explore being a queer woman, feeling lost in my early 20s, and mental health issues. I also like to self-publish my own poetry through zines.

What resources do you use to create your zines? Tell us about your zine-making process.

I typically illustrate all my zines by hand. I will also implement collage tactics, but I want my zines to have a homemade/DIY feel to them. I am always working to improve and love trying new techniques.

Do you have any advice for newbie zine makers?

Keep making zines!!!!!!

Can you tell us your favourite cracker joke?

I once bought a box of animal crackers. It said, “Do not eat if the seal is broken.” Sure enough, broken seal, rhino, giraffe, the whole squad. Had to throw it all away!

What is your favourite thing about zine culture?

I love being able to get my artwork out into the universe and receive zines from artists all around the world.

Do you have a favourite zine or zinester?

Kathleen Hanna

Why do you make zines?

I love the culture and process. I enjoy being able to distribute my work widely and quickly.

How are you celebrating the holiday season?

Staying home with my dog and making art!

You can check out Regional By Sam by visiting her on her socials…

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