An Interview with Drawn Poorly Zine

Check out Drawn Poorly Zine at The First Annual [Virtual] Coin-Operated Press Christmas Zine Fair by clicking this link now!!

“Drawn Poorly provide art opportunities focussed on chronic illnesss, disability and mental health conditions. We create zines, facilitate workshops, put on talks, collaborate with creatives and much more!”

Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Rose and I started Drawn Poorly Zine in 2017. Since then loads of great creatives have been involved with making the regular collaborative zine 

What do zines mean to you?

I believe that zines are important spaces for us to share our stories exactly how we want them to be told. 

How did you first get started with zines?

I ordered lots from Pen Fight (who are the best) and then went to a Salford Zine Fest!

How would you build the perfect snowman?

With snow that doesn’t melt (it’s very rainy in Manchester at the moment and it’s not settling)

Tell us about your zines.

There are six editions of Drawn Poorly focusing on specific themes – Identity, Relationships, Diagnosis, Barriers, Fear of Missing Out and Nature. Each zine is a collaborative effort from artists, writers, photographers from all over the world! 

What resources do you use to create your zines?

The main issues of drawn poorly are put together digitally although people submit so many amazing forms of work for the zines. The last issue had some beautiful nature collages made by artist Ryan Courtier. One of these is on the front cover too. 

Tell us about your zine-making process.

Normally, I’ll ask people who have previously been involved if they have any ideas for issue themes or do polls on social media. 

Once the zine theme is decided, call out info is shared and people submit their work through email. These are the put together and the zine is sent to print!

Do you have any advice for newbie zine makers?

Read lots of zines and also play with lots of different mediums 🙂

What is your favourite thing about zine culture?

It’s very DIY and about getting people involved and giving things a go. Zine spaces are really welcoming and inclusive. I’m missing Zine fairs loads this year.

Do you have a favourite zine or zinester?

Hard to say! Love zines by Seleena Laverne Daye, Holly Casio, Hidden Ink Child, Saffa Khan, Three Paw Press, there’s loads! 

Why do you make zines?

To create spaces for folk to talk about illness and disability and for anyone who’s looking to connect with more people and experiences.

You can check out Drawn Poorly Zines by visiting them on their socials…

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