VLOG: November 2020

Welcome to our November 2020 updates!

A few words from Katie…

We got into the festive spirit SUPER early this year! I think we needed to bring some extra cheer to our house since we’ve been in various stages of lock-down for 9 months by now!

So by mid-November, we had the tree up in the Dundee Coin-Op house, and all of the Christmas shopping was done by 1st December!! 

I shopped small, independent, and all online this year. As well as being covid-safe, this was also way less stressful than in the before times! It was also a more eco-friendly way to shop – and meant I supported people who really needed it. 

I’ve also been working on a special DIY project for my 3-year-old niece’s Christmas present…but I’ll tell you more about that in next month’s blog. I want to keep it a surprise…I’m pretty sure my sister follows us on here!

I think this early festive buzz was also fueled by the very first Coin-Op zine fair. The virtual fair is being held this weekend (5th & 6th December) but we have been planning and preparing for WEEKS! I’m really looking forward to hosting our first fair! It means that I can put my project manager hat on again, and I missed that so much! It’s quite odd to be holding a fair online – something I’ve never organised before (although I’ve exhibited at a few).  It’s been a wonderful learning-curve…and I really can’t wait until we can see all your lovely faces in person again!

Be safe, wear a mask. And I hope to see you all at our virtual fair on Saturday!!

A few words from Chloe…

Hi there lovely zine folks, and welcome to our November 2020 updates!

My November has been super busy!! I have been in moving house mode for the past couple of weeks, and I am exhausted but excited! I am really happy to have our own space, especially as it means I have a whole room to myself to make art in… and of course there will be a little corner of the room dedicated to my love of zines!

I don’t really have a lot else to say for this rendition of updates… moving house is all I have really done this month… a huge thing! but not much for me to say! I will be back into the realm of working on my art and Coin-Operated Press things soon, so hopefully next month I will have more to say to you!

Until then, I hope you enjoy popping along to our first ever Christmas Zine Fair on the 5th-6th of December. We have a really awesome line-up of fantastic zinesters, and I have really enjoyed listing all of their virtual tables on to the website, as well as making up the catalogue zine with all the cool festive art they have made!

See you soon.

Much love.

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