October 2020 Updates Vlog

Some words from Chloe…

On the whole, October has been a really good month for me. Recently, I have been feeling really stuck with life. I think perhaps the whole world might be feeling like that at the moment. Moving house is helping me to move on from the stickiness, and I am feeling really hopeful about the future of my art, and of Coin-Operated Press.

In our recent planning meetings, we have been talking a lot about the future and all of the wonderful things we want to do… it’s exciting!! Our trip to Crovie was the mini-holiday that we needed to refresh our tired souls and help us find the motivation and energy that has been sucked away by the state of the world. Maybe we should all just collectively quit our jobs and live in cottages by the sea!

The crisis is not yet over. So, even though we feel refreshed, it is not quite possible yet to shirk off the impending doom that seems to be resonating everywhere you turn. Katie, and Aeryn are currently all too aware of that at the moment and all my virtual love goes their way… but there is a little sliver of light that makes it seem like 2021 will be our year.

Perhaps I am just feeling elated because I love spooky month so much! Carving pumpkins, and editing together the Hallozine has put me in a good mood! I really loved going through all of your amazing spooky submissions and transforming them into the Hallozine. I can’t wait to see what you all submit to our next callout!

Pumpkin picking with Stuart was the happy ending to my October, and it was nice to feel like we were able to go on an adventure when we have been so cooped up recently. I’m just so excited to finally move house and get into a proper routine of Coin-Operated Press work, and Chloe Henderson art work, with a little Fluffy Jellyfish work thrown in the mix too. It’s going to be great! Maybe this self-employment thing might actually start to work soon! Also, we have a cat now. It’s pretty hard to be sad when being kneaded by floofy kitty paws.

Happy Spooktober folks!

Much love.

Stay safe, and wear your masks!

Some words from Katie…

October is always a fun month – autumn is such a colourful, cosy time! We love celebrating Halloween, and it’s my birthday at the start of the month, so we’re always guaranteed to have lots of adventures!

We kicked off our October festivities with a little break to Crovie – a tiny seaside village in the North of Scotland. We needed to get away and this place was perfect: nothing but a row of cottages along the rocky shoreline, surrounded by fields and cliffs. The nearest supermarket was over an hour away. It was just bliss! We didn’t see anyone for days – apart from the man in the cottage who gave us some firewood, and the occasional dog-walker. We took many walks along the beach and cliff-sides, and stayed huddled by the fire watching films and playing board games….we did accidentally set the smoe alarm off the first time we lit the fire, but the sea air through the front door soon sorted it! My girlfriend bought me some zines and awesome earrings for my birthday, and we had a vegan brownie….we couldn’t find any candles (Chloe and Stuart walked to the nearest town but no luck!) so we improvised and stuck a match in there for me to blow out! 

The trip was over far too soon…..but we had work to do!

We were really excited to launch the call-out for our Halloween zine. We had so many incredible submissions, and Hallozine sold out in only a couple of days!! You lot are amazing!

The end of this month has been a weird one in the Dundee Coin-Op house as my girlfriend tested positive for COVID and we have had to isolate. This squashed a lot of my spooky plans – me and Chloe didn’t get to go to the pumpkin patch together, but she went with her partner and it looks like they had a brilliant time! I’ll definitely have to make up for it next year!

We still have a week of isolation to go, but we’re managing ok. We have had care parcels delivered from family and friends – Chloe sent us a box of delicious vegan treats! And folks have picked up meds, prescriptions, and food for us. We’ve had lots of lovely messages of support from Coin-Op – thank you so much, you really kept us going! I am sad that orders will take a little longer to get out to you, but once we are allowed out of isolation, we will get your zines to you safe and sound!!

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!!

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