ADVENTURE: A Coin-Operated Press Holiday in Crovie!

Last week the Coin-Operated Press team decided that we needed a break from the world! Adventure time! Myself, and Katie, along with our partners, Stuart and Aeryn, packed our bags and road-tripped to the beautifully quiet village of Crovie, on the east coast of Scotland. We spent 3 nights there in our adorable little Airbnbs, and soaked up all of the calming energy from the crystal clear waters on our doorsteps.

We had a fantastic few days. The weather was typically Scottish, raining one moment, and then sunny and clear the next! During the warmer moments we ventured along a beachside path to the neighbouring Gardenstown. Myself and Stuart wandered through the town, and settled ourselves on the tiny bench at the end of the pier to watch the fishing boats coming in and out, while soaking up the autumnal sun. Once back to our little village home, I set out with my photographer hat on to embark on an engagement photoshoot for Katie and Aeryn, while Stuart was setting up his epic one-shot Dungeons and Dragons adventure! It was fantastic fun, and ended up being a little more than a one-shot, so I cannot wait to pick up our adventure some time late in the month!!

Our days were filled with board games, from Eldritch Horror, to Betrayal, with a dash of Unstable Unicorns in between! I really enjoyed getting into the socially-distanced gaming mood, while surrounded by the ambient sounds of the lashing waves. We even managed to fit in an evening of face masks and movies!

It was Katie’s birthday while we were away… part of the reason we decided to have an adventure in the first place!! We celebrated in style with vegan brownies and a make-shift matchstick candle!!

A wonderful holiday. Much needed. Well spent.

— Written by Chloe Henderson for Coin-Operated Press —

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