VLOG: September 2020

Happy September from Coin-Operated Press! This little vlog is all about what we got up to in September 2020! You will see our site-visit to The Space to make plans for the zine-making workshops we want to bring to you in the future, as well as Katie doing a little shopping research for the workshops! We also play a lot more D&D, Katie packages up a bunch of orders to take to the Post Office, we both have awesome natural world dates, and Chloe dives into the world of Blackout Poetry!

A note from Chloe on her September 2020…

“September was an odd month for me, full of highs and lows. I had to come to terms with the state of my poor mental health while dealing with some uncomfortable physical health issues. Combining all of that with health anxiety, and a deep sense of panic when talking to any health professional made September a wild ride for me! Where there is pain, there is art. It might sound cliché, perhaps even cheesy, but I truly do believe that art heals the soul. Poetry is our theme of the month, and I dabbled in a little blackout poetry to bring together my illustration and writing skills. I am no poet! So, I enjoyed being able to adapt my drawing skills to the poetry form. I think it is important for us all to find a way to express ourselves, especially when we are stumbling around in our low points. Make good art. Make bad art. Make art. Always.”

A few of our favourite photos from this month…

What did you get up to this September? and what are you looking forward to in October?

Thank you so much for watching, and we can’t wait to do this all again next month! Be sure to hit that subscribe button on our YouTube to check it out! 🖤

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