International Zine Month 2020 MASTER POST

Check out all the zines Chloe made during International Zine Month 2020!!!

Chloe Henderson

July is International Zine Month, and for 2020 I have challenged myself to make a mini zine every single day throughout July! That is 31 whole mini zines from start to finish PLUS a tutorial style video documenting each zine that I make!! A busy month for me indeed!!

Bookmark this post, and pop back to see how I am getting on with this challenge – I will be updating it every day with my latest zine…..

Day 1 was Bubbles! Bubbles are a staple of my pattern drawing style, and I wanted to dedicate a whole tiny zine to the humble bubble. Each page is an experimental drawing of different ways to draw bubbles, as well as a tutorial page showing you to draw four individual bubble patterns.

Day 2 was Hidden. For me, that meant creating black-out poetry. I used an old, tattered, duplicate copy of Virginia Woolf’s…

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