REVIEW: A Toilet is a Wishing Well

We are cautiously taking steps further from our doorsteps as lock-down measures in Scotland are easing. 

Generator Projects has reopened at long last and a few days ago I was able to rescue Frankenstein from the vaults. Chloe Henderson created this art piece for Leith Theatre’s Halloween spectacular, “Monster Stramash”, and it was then placed in an exhibition at Generator – way back in pre-Covid times!

While picking up Frank, I was able to have a wander around the fabulous new exhibition by Sally Hackett: A Toilet is a Wishing Well.

A toilet is a wishing well
a tissue becomes a dove
an orange peel is a goldfish
a crisp can fall in love

Hackett presents an immersive installation of mundane materials and domestic waste as fantastical sculptures. Recalling childhood joy and imagination, a piece of toilet paper becomes a dove, a bulb of garlic a swan. Squashed dough on a baking tray is a woman imprisoned. Humour and sadness and loneliness. 

This exhibition was announced prior to lock-down but it seems oh so much more poignant now. 

Walking through the space, I felt like I was discovering a bit of the world for the first time. Or re-discovering it with fresh, child-like eyes. The use of light, mirrors, and shadow created a sense of playfulness, encouraging the viewer to make their own art out of the space she has created. 

Generator Projects is based in Dundee, Scotland.
The gallery opening times are: Thursday –  Sunday 12pm til 5pm

Masks must be worn inside.

The galleries are entirely wheelchair accessible and the layout of the exhibition accommodates various access needs. It is a calm and quiet gallery space but if you would prefer to visit the space alone, private viewings can be arranged.
Please contact Generator Projects for more information.

Written by Katie Mayes for Coin-Operated Press

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