How To: Make Plectrum Earrings

In this tutorial, Chloe will take you through the step-by-step process of transforming your plectrums into earrings! This is such a fantastic project to upcycle your old plectrums, as well as making cool and unique jewellery easily and cheaply.
This is a beginner’s level tutorial, and you will only need a few simple tools and materials.


At least 2 Plectrums
A permanent marker
Small pliers
A drill – I use a hand twist drill
1mm drill bits
4x jump rings
2x earring wires

You can buy the pink cog plectrums that I use in the Coin-Operated Press shop. We hope you love the pink cog design as much as we do! The money we earn from our shop goes back into helping us to make and print more zines, as well as hosting our workshops, and hopefully soon our zine fairs too!



Place one of your plectrums on top of a piece of cardboard, or a surface you do not mind drilling in to.

Mark a dot along the top edge where you would like your earhook to connect to the plectrum.

Drill your holes!
If you are using a hand-twist drill like me, this step will be super quick and easy. If you are using an electric drill, ensure you set your drill to its slowest setting, as you risk cracking the celluloid if you drill too quickly.

Once both plectrums have holes, you can add the earhooks.

Open a jump ring large enough to hook through your plectrum, and attach the plectrum, close the jump ring.

Open up another jump ring, this one can be smaller than the previous. Hook the previous jump ring, and an earhook – being careful to ensure your plectrum design is facing to the front of the earring – and close the jump ring.

Repeat for the second plectrum.

Ta-dah! You have just made awesome plectrum earrings!!


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

I can’t wait to see what you make! If you make your own plectrum earrings, hit us up in the comments and show off what you made!!

Happy making!

Chloe Henderson

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