July 2020 Updates Vlog

Prompts 2020July was all about International Zine Month, and Coin-Operated Press celebrated with a whole month of zine shenanigans!


A few words from Chloe Henderson on her July 2020…

International Zine Month was busy, and intense… and I loved it! We worked through the prompts list you see above, and I worked through my own set of prompts to make a mini-zine every single day of July. It was hard work, and I ended up a few days behind in my own zine-making, but I really love working to deadlines. I think sometimes I need it. Even when I am stressing over getting things done in time, that little push to get me going, and keep working is what helps me strive to make new and better work. I am sure you will see plenty more challenges like this from us in the future! It was so much fun, and I enjoyed working together with Katie everyday to maximise our creative efforts!!

If you want to see the work that I made for International Zine Month, pop on over to my blog to check out my IZM MASTERPOST!!!

We started off our month with the launch of our Patreon, and I would like to take a moment to thank everybody who has joined us over on there already! If you want to support Coin-Operated Press, please pop over and check us out on Patreon!

We also launched The Trollflayers: A Dungeons & Dragons Zine, which I am super proud of. Dungeons and Dragons has become such a welcome distraction, and dipping into that fantasy world is just what we need after a hard month of zine-making!!

We also, FINALLY, got to see each other again in real life… socially distanced of course!!

My own July has had its ups and downs. I am so grateful for my own art business, and Coin-Operated Press as they are bringing so much happiness into my life at the moment. Making art is all I want to do.
Lockdown has messed up a bunch of our life plans, as it has with everyone, and myself and Stuart feel a bit stuck at the moment. We are hoping to soon move into our own place, and Stuart’s work is starting to pick back up again… but I am still in the woeful land of job-searching, which is rubbish! Fingers crossed, in the not too distant future, Katie and I can start taking a wage from our art, and actually make a living as artists… that IS the dream…

I am going to end off my July rambles by telling you how proud I am of the vlog that I have edited together for this month! I really love video editing, and it is such a fun way to document all of the work we have done, and share it with YOU!! So, pop the kettle on, settle in, and enjoy our first ever monthly updates vlog…

A few words from Katie Mayes on her July 2020…


What a ride! 

Thank you to everybody who supported our July shenanigans – and welcome to all of our wonderful new followers over on Instagram and Patreon.

I learnt a lot this month – mostly about time management: It’s really easy to spread yourself too thin during a project like this…a new piece of art every day for a whole month! But I think we planned and prepared well, so we got through it! We also shared the workload between the two of us, which was nice for the days when one of us was unable to get a Thing finished on time haha!

I used International Zine Month as an excuse to learn some new art-skills. I have always been an analogue artist, preferring the traditional cut and paste style of zine making. I love when things get messy! But it’s always good to learn new things, and while it was sometimes quite stressful, getting to grips with technology, it was also pretty rewarding. I made my first completely digital zine in July I Don’t Like Green Food: A Vegan Zine and I’m really proud of it. I printed it on 100% recycled paper, and it’s beautiful! 

Chloe and I are really looking forward to taking what we learnt this year, and making IZM 2021 even better.

I’m really excited for the future of Coin-Operated Press. We have lots of good stuff coming up. Keep your eye on our socials for announcements coming soon!!


Thank you so much for reading our updates!
We hope you have a fantastic August!
See you in our next updates…

All of our love.
Coin-Operated Press

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