Happy International Zine Month July 2020

July is International Zine Month and Coin-Operated Press is celebrating with a whole month full of zine-based fun!! We will be using the prompts list we have created to share our love for zine culture, and we hope you will join us!

Be sure to tag us in your posts, and use the hashtag #CoinOpIZM so we can see all of your creativeness during this fantastic month of celebrations!

We can’t wait to get started on our epic busy July! Follow our adventure on Instagram to ensure you don’t miss a single post!

Prompts 2020


Zine Prompts List

1st = Happy International Zine Month!!

2nd = I Forgot Day: Finish Off a Half-Started Zine

3rd = Share the Zine Love: Compliment a Zine-Maker Day

4th = Independence from Meat Day: Cook a Recipe from a Vegan Zine

5th = We ❤ Stationery Day: Share your Favourite Tools

6th = Happy International Kissing Day: Have a Zine Date Night

7th – Tell the Truth Day: Share a Cause

8th = Favourite Movies Day: Write a Film Review

9th = Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Day: Make a Zine from a Paper-Bag

10th = Don’t Step on a Bee Day: Perform a Random Act of Kindness

11th = Zines Love Music Day: Share Your Record Collection

12th = New Conversations Day: Talk to your fellow Zine-Makers

13th = Embrace your Geekness Day: Fan-Zines

14th = Shark Awareness Day: Make a Shark Zine

15th = Plastic Free July: Zines Love the Planet

16th = DIY Day: Make it Yourself

17th = World Emoji Day: What Emojis do you use for Zines?

18th = We Can Do The Thing: Do the Thing You Have Been Putting Off

19th = Play Your Ukulele Day: Learn Something New

20th = Moon Day: The Future of Zines

21st = Accidentally Vegan Day: Make a Food Zine

22nd = Book Day: Publishing Celebrations

23rd = (Virtual) Art Gallery Day: Make an Art Zine

24th = National Amelia Earhart Day: Celebrate Incredible Women in Zines

25th = Circus Day: Make a Circus Zine

26th = Zine Collection Day: Buy New Zines

27th = Gary Gygax Day: Nerd out Zine Style

28th = Holistic Health Day: Make a Care Zine

29th = International Tiger Day: Make an Animal Zine

30th = International Day of Friendship: Share a Zine with a Friend

31st = Vlog Day: Share Your July Experiences

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