SHOP: I don’t hate you… I just have ANXIETY by Chloe Henderson

Printed Zine Price: £1.50+P&P
£1.50UK or £3.50International

I don't hate you... I just have ANXIETY (1)

Social anxiety is such an easy way to screw up relationships. Panic can make you do stupid, selfish things, and end up hurting your friends without even thinking about, especially without intention. It sucks.

Chloe’s anxiety is most prevalent when it comes to hanging out virtually or via phone calls. She really struggles with phone calls, and Skype/Facetime/etc. are just slightly worse versions of that. This whole Coronavirus Lockdown thing has been a real test of her anxiety!! and a test for her relationships as well.

Chloe is really grateful for her understanding friends, for the work-arounds they have come up with, and she can only apologise for when her anxiety forces her to become bothersome and frustrating… this zine is for you.

Head over to the shop to find out more.


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