Q&A with the Coin-Operated Press Founders + A Day in the Life of Two Zine-Makers Vlog

You asked! We answered! We hope you enjoy this little Q&A session with the two founders of Coin-Operated Press: Chloe Henderson, and Katie Mayes!! and we hope you enjoy seeing a little sneak peek into the behind the scenes of our daily lives!

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Here is a list of the questions that we answered in this session…

Tell me about yourself – where are you from, what do you do?

How did we [Chloe Henderson & Katie Mayes] meet?

How did you get into zine making?

What do you make your own zines about?

Do you have a favourite zine?

What are your plans for future issues?

How many new zinesters do you end up publishing every year, on average?

What have you struggled most with upon the launch of Coin-Operated Press?

What has been the best thing?

What are you most excited for about the future of Coin-Op?


Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Chloe Henderson
Produced and Filmed by Katie Mayes
With thanks to Stuart Jones and Aeryn McCann for being fantastic Interviewers!

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