How To: Fold a Mini-Zine

In this tutorial, Chloe will take you through the step-by-step process of making a mini-zine from a single sheet of paper. Mini-zines are a staple in all zine-maker’s repertoires, and they make for a great introduction for those just starting out in the world of zines. This is a beginner’s level tutorial, and you will only need a few simple tools and materials.



Scissors or a craft knife.
Pens/pencils/collage papers/paints/any other material you need to create!


You can use any size, or shape of paper that you want. Most mini-zines are created from a white sheet of A4 printer paper, but this is a chance for you to get really creative! Rescue some paper from the recycling bin, use old magazine pages, peruse fancy papers in your local art shop, make your own paper from mulched off-cuts, sew together leaves to make your paper, and anything else you can dream up!

You are also unlimited in your choice of materials for creating the content of your zine. In this tutorial, I use a simple drawing pen on paper to illustrate my mermaid tails, but you can use anything you want!




Fold your sheet of paper in half, along the length.


Fold it again, along the width.


Fold it one more time, this time, fold the two widths in on themselves so they touch the centre line. Once you unfold, your paper will be neatly divided into eighths.


Fold your paper in half once more, along the width.

Cut across the middle of the fold of the width, stopping at the centre line. When you open the paper fully, it should have a slit in the middle.

Fold the paper length-ways (along the length that has the slit).

Hold the paper at either end and push the ends towards each other, from the top view it will look like a diamond, and as you push more it will form a cross. The cross-sections will then fold into each other to form an eight-page booklet.

You have just made a mini-zine! Ta-da!

It is now time to fill it up with all your amazing content!

Good luck, and happy creating!


Chloe Henderson

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