SHOP: Self Care in Lockdown Mini-Zine by Chloe Henderson

Printed Zine Price: £1.50+P&P
£1.50UK or £3.50International

Self Care in Lockdown (1)

Chloe Henderson created this mini-zine during a virtual zine-making session with Katie Mayes during Lockdown. This mini-zine is a fun little guide for when you are feeling a bit stuck with how to cheer yourself up amidst all of this Lockdown madness.

The original copy of this zine has been placed on Chloe’s desk as a reminder to take care of herself, and to stay positive where she can. Chloe hopes that you will be able to use your copy of this zine to remind you to take care of yourself too!

Head over to the shop to find out more.


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